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Rockbox Roadtest Continues

I am a creature of routine. I am not opposed to change. It is just I want to be involved in the change rather than having it happen to me. This, of course, makes no sense because the natural instinct, at least in my case, is to stick to the routine and so a change wouldn’t happen. The only way I get around this to force changes into my life, be they major or small and then make myself stick with it for a minimum of six weeks before making a final decision. It has worked with most of the major life events I have experienced. I’m not sure if it will work with the Rockboxed Sansa Fuze. The user interface is not good as I have said earlier. Exploring the FM  radio functionality is just horrible. Yes you can pick up a station and yes you can have pre-sets. But at this point I have no idea how you navigate to them, set them, name them, delete them, set it to mono/stereo. Missing my old Sansa. Give it another five weeks….

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