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AVM Fritz!box Fon

Now I have got an internet connection (and it is still working) that next stage was to take another look at the home network. The first thing to consider was the Modem/WiFi Router. For most people, these are pretty mundane gadgets that are either on or off. Certainly this  was the case for me and I had always used the one supplied by BT. I would have used the one supplied by BE too  – at least to start with. But AAISP assume you will want to use your own. You can order one from them but you probably find a better deal elsewhere. This was the view I took.

So what to buy. Trying to get up to speed with the current technology, it seemed anything that supported AnnexM, Wireless N and had three ethernet ports and a usb would do the trick. Scouring the web for a router that could meet the requirements brought up the usual suspects such as Netgear etc. It is very hard to get enthused about them as they are all much of a muchness. There were a couple of reviews that leapt out though. What they had in common was the highly rated and frankly bizarrely named Fritz!box Fon 7390. It is manufactured by AVM and yes they are a German company. It is claimed to be the most popular brand in Europe. What sets it apart, putting its appearance to one side, is the extraordinary amount of functionality and features it has. It is not cheap but when you take these into consideration it really is value for money. Yes it is a router (DSL or cable) but it also integrates voice communications in a very usable way and acts as a DECT base station. You can even pick up calls from your Android phone when it is in wireless range. My sipgate VOIP service integrates seamlessly with my landline to the extent that I don’t realise I am using it. With the amount of international calls made in my house this been a real saving. It also acts as an answering machine (and will email the message to you), ftp server, media server, etc, etc, etc…

Rather than reproducing other people’s work, I would recommend reading THIS REVIEW. I agree with everything said there and the VPN works too.

The downside of the Fritz!box? Well in the UK there aren’t too many suppliers and certainly one let me down. Consequently, most support forums are in german although there is a growing english speaking presence. In any case, Google translate does a reasonable job these days and I have never needed support because the thing just works. It is comparatively expensive but you could also consider the 7270 which has pretty much the same functionality. The FB is also one of the few consumer routers (and certainly one of the cheapest) to support IPv6 and AAISP are one of the very few ISP’s to implement IPv6. However, they don’t seem compatible at this time so I have stuck with IPv4 for now. I am certainly not in my comfort zone here and it seems a missed opportunity. So anyone with any advice here would be welcome.

Other than that there isn’t much else to say. It sits in the corner doing its job. It just happens to be a much larger job than your average router does. Oh, and it looks like a 1950’s scfi spaceship too.

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