Life with the HD2



Yes I love this phone to bits as I have said. It started off as a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone. I then had a few WM6.5 roms ending up with one of INDIE’s. I started running Android off the SD card. Initially I had a HTC sense ROM but then moved to CYANOGEN. It was apparent I was no longer going to use WM and SD ROM’s are beginning to look tired. SD Roms are excellent but most of the development seems to be in the NAND field. Support for the particular SD ROM I was using seemed to be drying up so I converted the phone to run NAND ROMs. The process itself is a little complex but it is well documented on XDA Developers.


The particular NAND ROM I chose was a MIUI one. I had not used MIUI before but I am impressed. Its very clean compared with CYANOGEN although it uses it as its base. It is a chinese ROM made by a company called Xiaomi. I like it a lot but these things are always a matter of taste so won’t necessarily be to your liking. There were other reasons why I chose the MIUI ROM. Xiaomi have gone into phone manufacture and have produced a phone – the Xiaomi MiOne to run MIUI – or anything else for that matter as it is deigned to be modded from the outset. Xiaomi’s CEO is a charismatic individual of almost who wants to bring smartphones to the people. A sort of telephonic equivilant of Ferdinand Porshe’s Volkswagen. So the price and spec are astonishing. Basically £200 for a  Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II which costs around £400. I want one.



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