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Xiaomi MI One- when will it come?

Well if reports in western media today are to be believed then it could be soon. For example, the Register suggests it will be the December 18th. Personally I think this is unlikely. My guess is that would be the date that they will resuming orders for the Chinese market. Although there is plenty of manufacturing capacity for the phone – I believe Xiaomi use Foxconn like Apple does, the problem in meeting demand and support have come from a third party supplier that was overwhelmed. When you take into consideration the problems Google had with its online sale and support of the Nexus then this isn’t a new problem. Google eventually gave up on that idea in the UK at least. So the question is at what point will Xiaomi have the infrastructure to offer international sales and support.  Well I don’t know the answer to that but it will certainly be after the Chinese Spring festival.

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