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Did I say a week?

The first thing to know about interacting with China is that the plan is always the first casualty. Every time I have gone there, what I have expected to happen has usually been changed at the last minute. However the outcome has ended up being for the better mostly. And so
it goes with my Xiaomi phone. As previously stated, the phone had left Xiaomi but it had only got as far as my contact in China. It hasn’t
started its transcontinental journey to ITDullard Towers yet unfortunately. My contact decided to check if the phone works before sending it to me. And indeed it does. However, having inserted the battery to test it she now can’t remove it. Now I am not sure if this is down to operator error or something more problematic. My Chinese speaking skills are certainly not up to that task and the time difference hasn’t helped but hopefully this will be resolved in the next 24 hours. Either way it has delayed proceedings but I am keeping in mind that this is down to good intentions – and at least I know it works in China.

  1. Steve
    December 14, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    its been 2 weeks since your last post. been waiting to hear if you finally got your mi one? planning to buy it as soon as its available from 18th December. and would you be as kind as to do for us a review of the phone as most online reviews are in chinese. Thanks!
    Love your blog by the way!
    Steve from Nairobi, Kenya.

    • December 14, 2011 at 7:22 pm

      I’ll post an update shortly. I now own a MI ONE but I’ll have to wait until at least the first week of New Year before I can actually get my hands on it. Very frustrating. I certainly share my experience once I get it.

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