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So near but yet so far

Firstly, apologies for not keeping up to date with things. It is that time of year. I use this as an excuse of course because everyone does. You must do this or that because it is Christmas. You can’t do this or that because it is Christmas. China, of course doesn’t celebrate Christmas, at least not in the same way we do. Generally it is just another working day. Spring Festival is their thing and they are equally bonkers about it. Hopefully, I will go to China for Spring Festival but it won’t be next year which is a pity because I would be able to collect My Xiaomi MiOne phone. It has been purchased and it works but it is currently in Nanjing. The plan now is for it to arrive in the UK  in the first week in January. Fingers crossed.

So in the absence of the phone itself, I have been trying to keep up with the news. Xiaomi are planning on being the first “aiming to be the first Chinese company to introduce an Android 4.0 smartphone”. However it seems that Huawei got there first. Still if you fancy a bit of Android Ice Cream Sandwich in a MIUI style then the Xiaomi MiOne is still the only choice

Here is the MIUI promo reported by MICGadget.

Next, China Unicom have reportedly ordered 2 million Xiaomi phones. The rumour is that all manufacturing will be done by Foxconn in the future. Apparently, it is currently being manufactured by Inventec. Finally, Mr Xiaomi himself – Lei Jun is looking to support WP 7 on the MiOne at some point in the future. This phone is sounding more and more like a worthy replacement for my HD2.

All of which brings me to my next point. Once I get my phone I will do a bit of a review on it for those that are interested. I will use my rooted HD2 as a baseline comparison. I am interested to see the results

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