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Biggest selling smartphone in China?

Well it was perhaps unsurprisingly the iPhone….. But only just according to MICGadget. Having cleared the backlog (the one that I was in), Xiaomi went back to online sales on December 18th for their MiOne phone . They had an inventory of 100,ooo handsets. It sold out in 3 hours! This compares favourably with what happened when the iPhone 4 and 4S went on sale in China (600,000 units in one day). The level of demand for the Xiaomi phone in China even surprises me. It is a bit of a generalisation but mainland Chinese tend to prefer known brand names over their own domestic ones. Part of this is the perception of the quality of their domestic products. Part of it is just conspicuous consumption.  This is why Apple does so well in a country where in many areas there is no 3G network (although this is changing). Xiaomi isn’t a widely known brand even in China so this level of demand indicates that attitudes may be beginning to change. This may not be good news for Apple in he long term – especially when you can buy two Xiaomi phones for the price of an iPhone.

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