Xiaomi Phone News

So while I drool over my new toy, Lei Jun has posted in the Xiaomi forum giving details on the next opportunity to place an order for the Xiaomi M1. The highlights are:

  • He feels a bit guilty about how oversubscribed each order round has been.
  • 500000 units are available for the next round.
  • Sales on the Xiaomi website start on 11th January 13:00 hours China Time
  • This time you will need a 100 Renminbi (Yuan) deposit – about £10
  • Deliveries won’t start until 1st February  due to the Chinese New Year celebrations and finish by end of March
  • An additional orange back cover will be given with this round of purchases

So the ticketing system I took advantage of is not happening this time round.

Other news: The Sohu website has spotted fake Xiaomi websites appearing claiming to be able to supply  Xiaomi or Xiaomi like phones. Xiaomi themselves have also issued a warning on their site here. I suppose it is some sort of compliment but you really need to take care.

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