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Its been a whil…

Its been a while since I last took the time to write anything. I guess this has been a period where I have taken stock on and just enjoyed life. This of course has been enhanced by the gadgets nominally under my command.

The Fritz!box, Opensuse 12.1, Samsung NC10 and Shrew VPN ensemble got put to the test while on holiday in Europe. It worked just fine. So that is annoying because I can’t drone on about that anymore.

My Xiaomi MiOne mobile phone continues to be excellent. I get the weekly MIUI v4 development updates and they have reached a very usable degree of stability. I haven’t added any news updates about Xiaomi as the situation is fundamentally the same. Everytime Xiaomi release a batch of phones in China it sells out in minutes. Stronger rumours exist about new models of Xiaomi including quad processors but with the current level of domestic demand in China I am not sure whether they will reach western shores – at least not officially. In that respect, things have changes. There are quite a number of MiOne users participating on the MIUIAndroid forum now so you there is a degree of support available that doesn’t require Google translate. Tales of phones being bricked and then recovered abound which is in itself quite reassurring. I am planning to go back to China this year so get a better view on whats there. The handset by Oppo looks interesting.

One thing that has attracted my attention has been the Raspberry PI. Like the MiOne, it has sold out but I do have to wonder about my motivation in wanting it. I suspect it is similar to the proverbial father who wants to buy their child a train set but ends up playing with it themselves while the child wanders off. Eventually it gathers dust in the attic. So on that basis I won’t get one, however it did get me thinking. I have always wanted a server. To be fair, the Fritz!box 7390 behaves pretty much as a server but even that has limits. It is not a mail server or a webserver for example. Up to recently, the main option for a domestic home server was to mutilate an old PC and slap Linux on it. Fine to a point but noisey and with the energy consumed it wasn’t really a 24/7 option. However the Raspberry PI and other “Plug Computers” are cheap, energy efficient, and have a small footprint. But are they really feasible as a server?

I need to think that one through but it seems better than playing with a model train set.

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