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Plug Computer: Part 1 The Beginning

So I thought about it. I know it is going to get emotional. But I am going to make a home server out of a plug computer. I was looking for a reason fornot doing this. Cost was looking a likely candidate. Not the hardware or the software but the internet costs that might be incurred if this was to be fully functional, useful even. Fortunately, or unfortunately when it comes to my mental health, my ISP (AAISP) are hopelessly helpful. Kudos to them. In order to set up an internet mail server I needed them to register a domain and configure their DNS server. Apparently they will do all that as part of my contract. So no extra cost then.

The other reason for not doing this is that it simply isn’t flavour of the month. On the other hand Cloud computing is flavour of the month, or at least we are told this. Incessantly. But I smell a rat. Think about the humble telephone. When life was in black and white you used to pick up the handset, rattle the hook loudly to wake up the cloud and shout “OPERATOR!” The cloud or operator would then make the connection for you. Flash forward to technicolor and you do it yourself – or at least you can do with a Fritz!box router. What stalls the transition is the hold of corporate giants and their vested interests. The “Cloud” smells of this to me. I want my own cloud and not be tied into a silo. So I am going to do it because I am bloody minded.

However fools rush in etc, so I am going to do this in stages. Remember, I haven’t a clue what I am doing. Once the ISP side is wired up I will start experimenting with linux on the OpenSUSE set up I have got on my laptop. I am not sure what packages I will end up using at this stage but Postfix looks a likely starting place. So it starts…

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