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Plug Computer: Part 2 First Steps

Decision made so lets get started. First thing was to choose a domain. I’m rather pleased with the one I found. I could also be regarded as a very sad choice depending on your perspective. My ISP registered it and set up the DNS record. Originally it pointed solely to their mail server so I had to add an additional MX record that pointed to my currently non existent plug computer. I can modify the records directly online, however I managed to screw it up but thankfully my ISP came to the rescue. I really can’t imagine being able to have this type of support with one of the larger ISP’s out there.

So when I ping my domain now I get the desired results. Result. So onto the mail server. As I mentioned before, I decided to trial it on my laptop which can boot to OpenSUSE 12.1. The idea was to run Postfix.

OpenSUSE have a configuration ‘wizard’ that suggests it can set up Postfix. It doesn’t. I tried it a couple of times and it returned an error after installing a heap of stuff. Unsurprisingly, Postfix wouldn’t start. I am not having a happy time with OpenSUSE 12.1. on my HP Laptop. Things just stop working on it every now and again. However, on my Samsung NC10 it is really good. The build is pretty much the same so it’s hard to see why it should be this way. Anyhow….

I uninstalled Postfix reinstalled it as part of  iRedMail. This open source software includes:

  • Postfix: SMTP service
  • Dovecot: POP3/POP3S, IMAP/IMAPS, Managesieve service
  • Apache: Web server
  • MySQL: Storing application data and/or mail accounts
  • OpenLDAP: Storing mail accounts
  • Policyd: Postfix policy server
  • Amavisd: An interface between Postfix and SpamAssassin, ClamAV. Used for spam and virus scanning.
  • Roundcube: Webmail
  • Awstats: Apache and Postfix log analyzer

It also works on Debian which will probably the distribution I will use on the plug computer itself. Postfix certainly worked this time but I am still struggling with the configuration. It is a long process but I am making progress. I can send emails and emails are now accepted by the server which it was reluctant to do at first. I’m not sure what it does with them however and I haven’t managed to get an email client to work with it yet. Obviously more configuration required. Still I am making progress so I will keep ploughing on. I will start to consider buying the actual plug computer I need over the next few days.

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