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Plug Computer: Part 3 DreamPlug, JTAG and Windows 7

I was probably getting ahead of myself but I have committed myself to plug computer. At least in the financial sense. It came down to the dirt cheep Sheevaport or more expensive DreamPlug. In the end it was down to connectivity. As a home server it will need to be able to do a lot of stuff. None of it will be heavy duty but it needed to be versatile, or at least have the potential to be able to be versatile. So the DreamPlug won the day. Besides if this project fails, I think it would be easier to sell. Not that I am planning on failing but you never know. Aesthetically it looks more impressive too. The spec according to NewIT where I sourced it is:

  • Marvell Sheeva core 1.2GHz speed
  • 512MB 16bit DDR2-800 MHz
  • 4 GB on board micro-SD
  • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps
  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports
  • 1 x eSATA 2.0 port -3Gbps SATAII
  • 1 x SD socket for user expansion
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g
  • Bluetooth BT2.1 + EDR
  • Audio Interfaces

I’ve also bought a JTAG module to interface with it. I’m not sure it is entirely needed but it provides options.

It arrived 24 hours after ordering. Unboxing it and assembling it was the easy bit. Everything else so far had just been hard. Truth be told I haven’t achieved very much. My instinct is I am highly likely to brick it so I my first task is get the JTAG module operational.

Plugging the JTAG module into my laptop’s USB was as far as I got. The intention was and still is to use Putty to communicate with the DreamPlug via the JTAG interface. To do this you need some USB drivers. Can I find them one that will work? No. Most of the online help points you to various Linux solutions using Minicom. If I have understood correctly, Ubuntu should automatically recognise the JTAG. OpenSUSE 12.1 clearly doesn’t out of the box. Installing another Linux distribution seems a bit over the top but I might have return to that option. So I am still pursuing the Windows option. NewIT has been helpful and very prompt in this respect. They have pointed me at a Wiki article where it seems I might have to doctor the driver files in order to get it to work. It does seem strange I have to do this but at least someone has gone to the effort to explain how to do it.

As I said earlier, the JTAG option may not be needed ultimately but as I am not confident in what I am doing, it would be nice to have the option. Besides, it is good experience, however if this is an indication of what is ahead then this is going to be a long journey.

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