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Xiaomi Rumours

December 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Ok, the plot thickens. The rumoured Xiaomi M2 now has a rendering. Pictures of it can be seen here at Gizchina.

Interestingly they seem to be sourced from the official Xiaomi Forum. Unfortunately, Google Translate only gets you so far so the source cannot be confirmed – by me at least. What is clear is Xiaomi is being tight lipped about it for the time being and not responding to commenter’s requests for clarification. There is also some speculation that this might be a spoiling tactic by a competitor to encourage M1 customers to hold off until the M2 is released. This might actually have legs as Chinese New Year is approaching and Lei Jun’s blog yesterday talks about the special offers and ramped up production for the M1 for the holiday period. It is now up to 15000 units a day from what was originally a 1000 units a day when they first started. A new round of online sales are due to start on January 5th. Additionally, the recent announcement that Xiaomi had secured $90 million in venture capital funding from Qualcomm among others may have stirred things up.

So it is still all speculation at this point.

P.S. – Just noticed that the Meizu dual core MX goes on sale on Sunday….

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